Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kobe vs Messi: The Selfie shootout

“Selfie” has set up camp in our everyday language. But it’s certainly still controversial. For every person who embraces social media’s self-portraits; there’s a critic who finds them distasteful and ego-centric.

It’s true then when adopted simply to follow a trend, a selfie campaign might do your brand more harm than good. If it’s not right for your audience your efforts might cause offence, and if you don’t channel the ‘right’ sort of selfie for your brand you could find your campaign spiralling off message.

But behind the trend of a selfie is an open and highly personal way to engage on social media. In channelling some of this engagement, there are several different brands that have made real successes of a selfie campaign.

Turkish Airlines – Celebrity Selfies

Turkish Airlines brought in the big dogs with a travel-selfie themed video featuring football champion Lionel Messi and basketball star Kobe Bryant. Staying relevant to the brand – and adding an appropriate dose of humour – this campaign found a strong marketing angle for a timely trend.

Basketball star Kobe Bryant and football icon Lionel Messi are back in this epic face-off for selfie supremacy. Armed with cameras and Turkish Airlines - the carrier that flies to more countries than any other - these superstars show up and show off across the globe.

Watch the ads below.

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