Snapchat, which likes to call itself a camera company, is bringing that camera to the desktop.

The company has launched a free desktop app, called Snap Camera, which lets users add filters to live streams and video chats.

Snap Camera is available for Windows and MacOS, and has an extension specifically for streaming on Twitch.

People can use Snap Camera as a webcam app, or utilize its features with other video chat services such as Skype and Zoom. It also offers YouTube integration.

A Snapchat account is not required to use Snap Camera, and people who have an account cannot log in to use Snapchat from their computer.

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Instagram is definitely here to stay. Coming from a rough journey which begins with a brief spell with the IPhone platform, setting a global admiration for the Apple manufactured product before migrating to Android for series of innovative records to date. 

Instagram, the visual messaging app was launched years back in 2010 on the Android platform. However, the year 2012 witnessed Mark Zuckerberg’s company – Facebook acquiring Instagram for a whopping $1 Billion. Well, that value has confidently nurtured up to a worthy investment considering the milestone Instagram currently standing on with a 1 Billion downloads in the play Store. Instagram is more like Facebook’s baby of the house of the house as it equals the 1 Billion download feat achieved by Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. 

With this development, it simply positions Instagram as the 19th app in Google’s Play Store to hit 1 Billion downloads, finally settles in the class of other Facebook apps and Google’s apps. Meanwhile, Gmail was the first to hit the 1 Billion mark, next was Google Maps, and followed by YouTube and Facebook respectively. More so, these two giants US-tech (Google and Facebook) are the only two developers or publishers currently to record apps with the 1 Billion download mark. But considering their heavy customer, and fan base – it shouldn’t be that surprising. Continue Reading...
Social media via Twitter was aggrieved on Monday as people trooped out to share their stories about sexual harassment in school. The #SREnow trended on Twitter and also convey people’s message. 

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Social media largely easily attracts diverse forms of humanity onto its platform for different motives or purpose regardless of your tribe, root, backgrounds et al. However, this also implies negative minded people such as terrorists equally see social media as a means of promoting radical thoughts, evil intention or recruitment purposes.

This frequent  development has prompted Twitter to actively delete such accounts in cases of such. A look at Twitter’s history record shows about 125,000 terrorism-related accounts have been suspended alone so far this year. According to Reuters, Twitter has embarked on a continuous process to completely take down on such devilish accounts, with an addition of 235,000 accounts suspended. 

This simply implies a total of 360,000 terrorism-related accounts have been suspended till date by Twitter. Continue Reading...

According to data statistics from Social Blade, Bieber is ranked sixth biggest Instagrammer in the world, boasting of 77.9 million Instagram followers, while his following 75 users and has posted 3,779 images and videos. 

The Canadian singer, over the weekend, informed his fans on his plans to set his account to private if fans continued to harass his new found love – Sofia Richie, 17, daughter of music legend Lionel Richie. Continue Reading...

WhatsApp has come up with the latest update on its messaging app features. 

The new feature updates include Voice messages and Call Back. Users can now leave a voice message when calls are rejected or not answered by the person being called. 

The new feature is already effectively on Android and iOS. To get the app update? Android users must update to version 2.16.229, while iOS users to 2.16.8. 

When a user makes a WhatsApp call and the recipient doesn’t answer the call, there’s an opportunity to leave a voice message. You will simply find three options which include – Cancel, Call Back, and Voice Message. Continue Reading...


It’s glaring many users of social media are very active with trends and update of latest features from their favorite social media apps.

Snapchat; the photo-messaging app with its varieties of filters created a new filter embedded with features looking like a contorted facial expression to give users puffed out cheeks, with distorted eyes and funny toothy grins.

The new filter is a “disgusting” caricature that turns users' faces into Asian caricatures.

However, members of the public took to Twitter to express their opinions referring the filter a “racist” and labeling it "yellowface." 

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You can never rule out the game of Soccer in the heart of humanity. It is a big deal for huge numbers of fans around the world especially in Nigeria with strong followership for the Premiere League matches. Although, some fans of Premiere League soccer matches inside the US and some other countries hardly have access to these games. The exciting news is that Facebook is getting into the live streaming realm for Premiere League matches.

Firstly, if you don't follow soccer or have no idea what a testimonial match is, it's basically a practice game; where a club has a match to honour a player for service to the club. However, this is the first time that Facebook has ever streamed a Premiere League Match and the game will be between Manchester United and Everton. The game is also Wayne Rooney's testimonial match. The England and Manchester United team captain shared his excitement on his Instagram page @waynerooney. Continue Reading...
Apple Inc. has launched a series of more than 100 new and updated emojis. The US tech company replaced the gun with a water pistol plus new designs to blend with it. Hoping it will be more inclusive.

According to Apple blog, it wants to "ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere" 

Emoji on Apple products are designed by the Unicode consortium. The new green and orange pistol emoji looks more like a toy and will replace the black and silver revolver. Meanwhile, some people took to Twitter to mock the swap. Continue Reading...

Instagram earlier today launched a new feature called "stories" and everyone's comparing it to Snapchat.

Instagram Stories lets users share a series of moments and then customise them with text, drawings and emoji icons. The 300 million daily users app made this announcement via its blog.

It's quite different from the regular posts we are all used to. There are no likes or public comments associated with the new Instagram feature.If a friend reacts you will get a direct message. Continue Reading...
How To Tell If Someone Has Blocked You On Snapchat

If you are a regular Snapchat user, you probably pride yourself on how original and witty your posts can be. The app helps keep this pride intact with all the positive feedback it gives users. But what it doesn't make clear is when others have seen quite enough of your Snapchats and decided to block or delete you.

Fortunately, if you just have to know, there’s a way to check that and it’s not difficult. 

According to TechInsider if you want to make sure someone’s still following you all you have to do is search for their name in your friends list and tap and hold their name to bring up their Snapcode (the yellow ghost icon). 

Here’s the moment of truth – if you mutually follow each other you should be able to see your friend’s Snapscore underneath their Snapcode. Their Snapscore is the total sum of every photo and video they’ve sent or received in the app. 

Social Media Tips to generate Online Exposure
Social Media Tips to generate Online Exposure
Social media can help your Business generate tremendous online exposure by showcasing your products and services to a wider audience. 

Social media is definitely a must these days and a huge number of businesses are leveraging social media as part of their marketing strategy. Social media helps you listen to what people are saying about your brand, including your customers, prospects and competitors.

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Clearly, relating information in visual diverse forms cannot be overemphasized. Start using Infographics in your marketing strategy and compare the aftermath.

Infographics have been proven to be incredibly successful forms of communication, and brand promotion, so needless to say they have become pretty important to many digital marketers. 

An infographic is like a good story. It has the ability to convey an idea by taking you from one phase to another. Infographics are visual items, and humans are ‘visually wired’ creatures. In fact, 90% of the information transmitted to your brain is visual.

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Ask yourself these questions before starting a social media campaign;

What do i aim to accomplish with my campaign?
What’s my budget?
Whats the story behind your campaign?
Which social media platform are my target audience on ?
Who are my target audience?

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There are now half a billion active users on the photo-sharing app Instagram, the company has said.

More than 300 million people use it at least once a day, it added.

The service was bought by Facebook in 2012 for about $1bn (£677m), and has grown rapidly ever since.

According to the company, an average of 95 million photos and videos are posted each day. Co-founder Kevin Systrom told the BBC its success was the result of "a lot of hard work".

In its five and a half years, Instagram has rocketed past Twitter, thanks in part to its adoption by high-profile celebrities and sports stars.

Instagram's biggest competitor for youthful eyeballs, Snapchat, is understood to have surpassed 100 million users.

Instagram was launched in 2010, with 25,000 people downloading the app on its first day.
In growing to the 500 million milestone, the app has suffered its fair share of controversy.

In 2012, changes to its terms of service had users worried it was looking to sell their pictures to advertisers. The changes were rolled back - the service insisted the furore was due to a failure of communication, rather than a nefarious monetisation plan. Still, users were unnerved.

Unease about how a Facebook-owned company would seek to bring in profits has followed ever since. Continue Reading...
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video can do.

Facebook announced on Friday it will now allow users to leave a video in the comments section, as the company continues to emphasize video content as we consume more of it.

You can leave a video by clicking the camera button in the comments box and uploading one. It's available currently on desktop web, but the next update will expand the feature to its iOS and Android apps. Continue Reading...


It's official; one of the most recognizable app icons of all time is no more. Instagram is making big changes to its logo.

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing service updated its iOS and Android apps on Wednesday with a new, flatter design and multicolored app icon. 

Instagram's other apps; Layout, Hyperlapse and Boomerang also have similar redesigns.
The new app icons for Instagram, Layout, Hyperlapse, and Boomerang.

Twitter Inc is offering a new feature that would make it easier for users to share tweets privately with friends, the company said in a blog post.

The feature, "Message button", updates an existing option that allows tweets to be sent privately through direct messages.

Twitter said the feature would be available from Tuesday, April 5th for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.
Messaging giant WhatsApp has now fully implemented strong end-to-end encryption on its platform and across all mobile platforms for which it offers apps (Read here).

This means users of the latest versions of the messaging app will have their comms and media end-to-end encrypted by default.

End-to-end encryption means the content of communications are not stored in plaintext on WhatsApp’s servers. Nor is the company able to decrypt users’ messages to access them since it does not hold the encryption keys. So WhatsApp will be unable to be compelled to hand over messaging data — even if served with a warrant by authorities demanding access.


Snapchat Inc., operator of a popular social-messaging app, released an update that steps up competition with Facebook Inc., owner of rival mobile communication services; Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Los Angeles-based company bolstered its chat function with multimedia features including voice and video calling and digital stickers. Called Chat 2.0, the feature emulates "face-to-face communication," while making it easier to switch between video chatting, texting and calling, Snapchat said March 29th in a blog post

Brilliant! MTN Wants To Help You Find Your Look Alike

Will you like to find your look alike? MTN Nigeria just made technology cooler and life exciting. MTN wants you to meet, introduce, connect and chat with that lost long twin you never knew. 

The telecommunication giant just introduced a new app called, the MTN 'Look Alike App'. You simply start by just uploading a clear picture of yourself and the app helps search the internet to provide your look alike in 15 seconds.

It's a brilliant way to usher in the month of April. Have fun folks trying it out. Click here to start.

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Yesterday, March 30, Microsoft announced Facebook will be releasing universal apps for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger at its Build 2016 developer conference in San Francisco. 

This innovation sound creamy interesting! The unique aim of this universal app, will only allow developers to build one version for each app and consequently it will work across all Windows 10 devices either on PCs, tablets, or smartphones. 


Creamy brilliant news as Instagram is giving you the joy of capturing your life in video for full 60 seconds. That's royal sweetness! 

The company just announced that it's increasing the video time limit to a full 60 seconds. Previously, Instagram provided a 15-second videos available on the platform. Now, people can enjoy the new one-minute time limit.

Video creators who lives on Instagram, this is an absolutely seductive update that could pull them even further away from the video confines of YouTube. 

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I want to believe you’re a WhatsApp user and the chances are high since more than one billion people open the app each month. It might interest you to know that the chat app just added some creamy new formatting options. Now you can use bolditalics and strikethrough in your messages with friends and family 

These tricks, a rare update that might actually (slightly) change how people use WhatsApp, are pretty easy to master:
  • For bold: add an asterisk (*) before and after the specifics words : e.g. *hello*
  • For italics: add an underscore (_) before and after the specifics words: e.g. _hello_
  • For strikethrough: add a tilde (~) before and after the specifics words: e.g. ~hello~

Today begins a new feat by Twitter as it creates a unique way of interacting with images by adding description to images in Tweets. 

The announcement was made this morning in it's official blog. People using iOS and Android apps can add descriptions; also known as "alternative text" (alt text) to images while Tweeting. 

This new feature will assist visually impaired people the chance to hear what an image is about even when they can’t make out the details or see it.

"With this update, we're empowering everyone to ensure content shared on Twitter is accessible to the widest possible audience." - Twitter


Instagram wants to help you choose what pictures you see and when (Like it's parent company Facebook) by using algorithms to determine important pictures.

When you log into your account on the web, the features or experience you encountered is quite different compared to the mobile platform. Although, your account is quite visible, still you're able to browse through your photos and that's like how much you can do. Everything else was absent.

However, Instagram recently changed it's features on web with the introduction of the notifications tab, a little heart-in-a-circle icon in the upper right corner which shows you a feed of activities related to your account. The activities or functions include: Continue Reading....

Arguably, Facebook is the most popular mobile app in the world. With 1.44 billion mobile monthly active users as of Dec. 2015.

Unfortunately for BlackBerry users, the creamy romance between these two will come to an end. They won't be a part of this statistic come year-end, as Facebook will stop supporting the BlackBerry and BBOS (BlackBerry Operating System) platforms at the end of 2016. 

According to reports, Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp announced it will stop supporting BlackBerry devices by the end of the year. 

People Are Sharing This French Cartoonist's Moving Tribute To Belgium
The aftermath of the explosions that shook Belgium on Tuesday morning, cartoonists have already shared images of solidarity on social media.

French cartoonist, Plantu posted the image in solidarity support to Belgium and France as against the terrorist attacks on both nations. French newspaper Le Monde also took to Instagram in the hours after multiple explosions hit the Belgian capital, sharing the same image.

"13 November — 22 March," reads the caption. "The tribute from Plantu."

Meanwhile, the image has been  been retweeted over 9,000 times. The cartoon was also shared from Le Monde's Twitter account. Likewise from Naomi Campbell's Instagram account.

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The Reaction is real, Jobs vs Skills: Which is more Sustainable and Technological relevant?
For me, I believe having the ability to acquire the right skills is worth more than a job as it increases the competent nature of the individual and creates a balanced mindset to be outstanding wherever you find yourself.
Has it been worth it? Well, my Facebook friends certainly seem to think so. Continue Reading...
Write With A Hashtag                            


For me, I enjoy using Hashtag! I receive more engagement than those without. 

Basically, a Hashtag is when someone applies a tag to represent the topic of a post, or word so that people can find both related content and your content in related searches.

Hashtags are not only used on Twiter and Instagram. You can also use them on GooglePlus, Facebook, Pinterest.


A judge in Sao Paulo has ordered WhatsApp to shut down for 48 hours, starting at 9pm Eastern tonight. 

WhatsApp is the single most used app in Brazil, with about 93 million users, or 93% of the country’s internet population. 

It’s a particularly useful service for Brazil’s youth and poor, many who cannot afford to pay the most expensive plans on the planet. Brazilian telco’s have been lobbying for months to convince the government that WhatsApp’s voice service is unregulated and illegal (not entirely unlike the taxi industry’s posture on Uber), and have publicly blamed the “WhatsApp effect” for driving millions of Brazilians to abandon their cell phone lines. Continue Reading...


It’s that time of the year again: Facebook has launched its 2015 Year in Review tool, and this time around it’s giving you a bit more control.

As usual, the tool recaps what Facebook thinks were your highlights of the year or at least those you shared on social media.

However that system has it share of problems, so this time Facebook says it’s focused on both refining those system and making it easy for users to correct any unfortunate inclusions on their own. Continue Reading...


Most Popular Social Media Channels            

Know your social media facts. It gives you more leverage to direct your focus on improving your business.

Tip: Creating a Specific Campaign For Your Niche

Just a quick tip to get your day starting right! Before you start your online campaign/ads have a clear idea of your goals and what exactly you hope to accomplish, it pays to do proper research and choose the best type of campaign that works for you. 

Have a good one!


Twitter is changing one of its most iconic features. For me, it's a huge step in the right direction.

Favorites, which have typically been represented by stars, are now becoming "likes" and gets replaced in the form of hearts, the company announced today on its blog post. The hearts will also appear on Vine's apps and website.

Likes will work similar way as favorites; hearts will appear where the stars once did underneath tweets. The "favorites" section in your user profile, which shows tweets that you have favorited, will also be renamed "Likes." 
The change is meant to "make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use," according to product manager Akarshan Kumar, who says the star can be be confusing for new users.


Definitely, you are a fast typer, but swiping through keyboards to insert an emoji can slow you down.

Austin-based company EmojiWorks wants to make your Internet life easier with its line of physical emoji keyboards. EmojiWorks' keyboard functions as a regular keyboard with the added ability to type emoji without having to open up other applications.

The keyboard connects through Bluetooth, so it's compatible with Mac, iOS and Windows. There are three models: Continue Reading...

Susan Wojcicki Comfortably Reps My #WCW Today
YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki
The CEO of the world’s largest video platform YouTube, Susan Wojcicki comfortably reps my #WCW today. A graduate of Harvard University, Wojcicki earned two advanced degrees, one from UCLA, the other from UC Santa Cruz. 

Wojcicki played an instrumental role in two of Google’s most important deals the $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube in 2006, and the $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick. Wojcicki is currently responsible for Google’s most lucrative products, including the company’s main advertising platforms AdWords and AdSense. Her main focus these days is Google’s mobile advertising efforts. Continue Reading...
Setting The Fame Like Evan Thomas Spiegel, My MCM

Snapchat co-Founder, Evan Thomas Spiegel
I like his story on persistence and believe towards ignoring the validation of people on a failed project, subsequently evolved into success later on.

My #mcm Evan Thomas Spiegel is an American entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of the mobile app Snapchat. Evan Spiegel developed an app that could send photo messages to contacts with a timer that would remove them in 10 seconds or less and called it Picaboo. It flopped. Rebranded as Snapchat, the app is now used by 100 million people monthly, for free. 

In 2013 Evan turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook. Continue Reading...

New Emoji Alert!!!

Emoji really making sense! All the food, my favorite emoji. Lol!

Emoji is the fastest and most understood language in the digital world today, that’s why big operating systems are expanding their emoji collections. This week’s iOS 9.1 update from Apple introduces over 100 new emojis to iPhone and iPad, the update includes food items like taco, popcorn, new sports, more animals and smiley faces. 

So, feel free to catch the vibe and get the feeling when exploring the new emojis in your day to day conversation. What's your favorite emoji? Continue Reading...



I guess it pays to consistently spice up a brand as Facebook is introducing five big changes to user profiles, which are viewed 4 billion times per day:
  1. The option to pin Featured Photos to the top of the profile
  2. Temporary profile pics
  3. Easier visibility controls for About info, including a new 100 character Bio field
  4. A mobile-centric design with centered profile photos plus big sections for photos and friends
  5. The ability to use a 7-second looping video as your profile pic.
Continue Reading...


It's quite safe to conclude that BlackBerry is working on an Android device. More so, courtesy of a leaked video by Canadian phone retailer Baka Mobile, we have our first look at the device in action and it actually looks pretty nicely carved out!

The phone has been named ‘Venice.’ Some highlights of its rumored specification are smooth performance of Qualcomm 808 chip and 3GB of RAM. Other specs include an 18MP camera, a 5.4-inch QuadHD screen and a MicroSD card slot. 

Meanwhile, the most anticipated headline feature is its sliding keyboard. According to Baka Mobile, the device is well balanced even when the keyboard is open. Continue Reading...


Pinterest reached 100 million monthly active users, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday, a big milestone for the visual bookmarking treasure chest. In March, the company was valued at $11 billion, which put it right behind Snapchat but ahead of Dropbox and Airbnb at the time.

Additionally, 70% of those 100 million monthly active users aren't just on Pinterest for the pins; they're saving links or clicking through to learn more. The number of Pinterest searches also grown 81% in the last year, according to the company. Continue Reading...


Facebook launches Signal, a way for journalists to gather news without Twitter

Earlier today, Facebook announced Signal, a free discovery and curation platform that journalists can use to see what’s trending on both Facebook and Instagram. It’s main purpose is to make the news-gathering process easier. Signal is available on desktop only for now.

This comes one week after it made its Mentions app available to journalists with verified profiles, Facebook is simply enticing up its efforts to win over journalists, who tend to rely on Twitter as a news source more so than Facebook. Signal makes it easier to find content, so presumably this means more of it will be showing up in articles and on blogs. Continue Reading...


Download Kim or Kendall: Each Kardashian Sister Now Has Her Own App

The kardashian/Jenners earnestly desires you to constantly be a part of their world even more than you already are!

On Monday in New York City, each sister excepts Kourtney whose website is coming soon launched a brand new website and respective app to give an exclusive and personal look at each of their lives.

While we already know a lot about each woman because of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and their non-stop media coverage, these apps seem different; something that hasn't quite been done before. Continue Reading...
4 Instagram Trends You Need to Know


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks to date, and with an increase in usage comes an evolution in behavior. 

Some of the trends that applied to Instagram a couple of years ago are still true today: Lifestyle content is still important; relevant hashtags are still important. 

However, there are also a few more recent trends that are important to consider when creating Instagram content for your brand. Continue reading...

Yahoo Launches Livetext, Livestreaming App Storms the Earth Globally

Yahoo debuted its silent video messaging app called Livetext last month in Canada, France, Germany, the US and UK.

As of today, Yahoo is taking things up a notch as it rolls out globallyThe company says it supports all major languages, but Arabic and Japanese Continue reading...
You Can Put A Rainbow Filter Over Your Facebook Profile Photo

It's about time we begin to experience various colors on social media platforms. Facebook is taking the lead in this regard in its - Facebook News Feed.

Facebook added a tool that lets users superimpose a rainbow over their profile pictures on Friday, after the the U.S. Supreme Court struck down gay marriage bans as unconstitutional in a 5-4 ruling. Same-sex marriage is now the law of the land in all 50 states. Continue Reading...


Facebook's about to make it easier for you to find and share links while you're on the move. The social network has updated its iPhone application with a new feature that lets users search for articles, videos and other web content using keywords. Continue reading...


BlackBerry may release an Android smartphone this fall.

BlackBerry is considering a new smartphone that will run Google's Android operating system in a bid to win back customers it ceded to the iPhone and Android smartphones, Reuters reports. BlackBerry's existing devices currently run its own BlackBerry 10 operating system. Continue reading...


Facebook Messenger has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Android devices — a feat that's only been accomplished by several other apps.

David Marcus, vice-president of messaging products at Facebook, announced in a post that the company's popular Messenger app is now among an exclusive few to reach 1 billion downloads on the Google Play store. Continue reading...


Sharing video via Twitter just got a lot better, as the social platform now allows users to shoot and share landscape videos.

Prior to this announcement, all video uploaded to Twitter had to be in portrait mode. If they were in landscape, Twitter would trim them to square.

To use the new landscape mode in the Twitter app, simply select to add a photo to your post. Select the camera icon, and click the red video button. Turn your phone sideways, and start shooting!

With this small change, it’s worth wondering how long it will be until Periscope makes a similar change and allows landscape video to be streamed via its app.


Instagram has very quickly gained the reputation and recognition in the social media market, than any other networking site so far.

It is instant and smooth. The services and features offered by Instagram have made it popular among people of all ages and communities. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a business person, Instagram has a lot to offer to all groups of people.

Many bloggers fail to recognize the potential of Instagram. Instagram can greatly enhance your blog in a number of ways, from networking to directing traffic. Out of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram is by far my favorite. Why? Mostly because it can turn any topic into an interesting story — you just have to be creative enough to figure out how.

Apparently, this instant photo sharing platform has become the next brand building tool for most businesses around the world. Believe it or not, it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build your brand, provided you know the right techniques! Continue reading...

How to Setup a Perfect Business Page on Facebook?

Facebook has evolved as such a big social media platform that companies are spending huge money to reach their customers.

This is such a platform where people hangout in realtime, so getting in touch with the customer and taking direct response is one of the prime motive for big companies.

You can check various Facebook ROI case studies where companies performed awesome by investing little money and got up to 4000% ROI with Facebook ads.

Lekeleo’s Facebook page is a very active page where we share out latest blog posts and informative stuff, so many of our readers were sending question asking how to create a Facebook business page.

So here we are going to have a guide to step by step procedure to create business Facebook page.

Setting up a Facebook business page hardly takes 2 minutes. What matters is how the business page is optimized to gain maximum results.

This quick guide will teach how to set up a perfect business page on Facebook in quick steps. Continue reading...

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