Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Facts: Mobile to generate $169 billion opportunity from e-commerce

The digital world is consistently taking rapid growth at large today which is equally improving revenues and enhancing the beauty of digital economy.

A bit of mobile analytics reveals it to be a $169 billion opportunity.

What's your thoughts on it?

Believe comes from actions, decide what you want to do and get started

The thought of needing and believing an idea will propel you to succeed is rubbish.

It all boils down to you! Just decide to get started and in due time, the belief will flow  with ease as the journey unfolds. Most people fail to get started because  they are told, "you just need to believe in yourself". How can you believe in yourself if you haven’t done anything?

The idea that keeps ringing believe in your head shuts down possibility, because if you don’t believe, you’re done. Game over!

Believes derives from actions, thus do  yourself a favor to decide where you want to go and get going.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tech Trivia: Which is your favorite?

It's funny how innovation has consistently shaped technology for the benefit of humanity. Do you agree with this? Which is your favorite? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. #TechTuesday

Facebook silently launches a mobile app in China, but with a different name

Facebook Inc. has eventually found a new way to enter China: secretly launching an app under a different name.

The photo-sharing app, called Colorful Balloons, was released in May to help Facebook enter a market that it’s been blocked from since 2009, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Facebook has said its goal of connecting the world wouldn't be possible without the world's most populated country, but declined to confirm the details that were first reported by the New York Times. "We have long said that we are interested in China, and are spending time understanding and learning more about the country in different ways," the company said.

"Our focus right now is on helping Chinese businesses and developers expand to new markets outside China by using our ad platform.”

Source: [Bloomberg]

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tesla developing self-driving tech, aims to achieve an electric truck

Tesla Inc is developing a self-driving technology aimed at bringing to reality the plans for electric semi-truck. The prototype of this tech innovation reveals, transport trucks to move in convoy, follow a lead vehicle which serves as guidance for other automated trucks.

According to an email revealed by Reuters, Tesla had made its intention of testing the technology known to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). More so, Tesla and the California DMV are "expected to meet to further discuss the company’s efforts with autonomous trucking technology," says Jessica Gonzalez (DMV Spokeswoman) to Reuters.

Tesla is also set to reveal a comprehensive detail at a planned event in September on its all-electric semi-truck technology. 

Source: [Reuters]

Facebook buys German Startup that can remove objects in video

Facebook recently acquired a small German startup responsible for creating software that can add or remove objects from videos.

According to a Facebook representative confirmed the acquisition of Fayteq but was first reported by Deutsche Startups.

The acquisition is seen useful as it aligns with Facebook’s goals for creation of video filter and augmented reality.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Photo uploads is the best way to get more attention on social media

It's quite surprising to see  photos still leads the pack as the most "sought after" social  media content for social media engagement. The result  shows the most shares on  Facebook.

Clearly, Instagram  and  Pinterest are the most  used platform for images - they're primarily driven by visuals. It's worthy to know, Instagram is regarded as the  most engaging of any social media sites. However, it's not a coincidence that both Instagram and Pinterest keeps deriving tons of traction and consistently see more success than other failed social networks. These two-image platform, simply made the concept of adding images to your social media platforms much easier.

More so, tools such as Canva and Landscape allow you to create perfectly-sized image that can easily fit for all your social media sites. Thereby, making  your worries a lot less! It also affords you the opportunity to create images for upcoming events [like Coloursandgrey's series of events], make more visual  outreach, make company photos and craft other images tasks for post to get more visual outreach.

Which other image tools do you know or use? Share your thoughts in the comment.

Linkedln has the power to make your content viral

Linkedln has evolved over the years from the regular job search notion to a business social platform. It boasts of an average - 106 million unique monthly users. This is the channel business professionals like to frequent. Indication reveals business owner generates about $75k annually or more.

The expectation of posts is largely business focused. So, why don’t you give it a shot to extend your business on the platform.

Majority of Linkedln users are loyal and can stay royal to trigger your business beyond your wildest imaginations.

Source: [Rocks Digital]

Monday, August 7, 2017

Tesla completes its Solar Roof products installations, first of its kind.

Tesla finally completes the first installations of its Solar Roof products to gather energy which uses integrated solar panels. The company introduce the solar tiles initiative Q1 2016, which is designed to attract and lure consumers from traditional panel designs.

Meanwhile, the first installations have been installed on Tesla employee homes, which follows the trademark distribution of the very first Tesla Model 3 Automobiles.

What do you think of this initiative? Do you consider yourself getting one of this solar roof products?

Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Source: [Socialglims]

Facebook tests "live streaming" with Facebook Camera, set to launch soon.

Facebook is currently testing  series of new methods to improve users experience to go live on its social media platform. Recall, the “Live” button was always available at the Status Update Box. However, Facebook wants to modify it to a better position. Ordinarily, to “go live” simply implies start a live video broadcast.

Going forward, the live video button will be displayed within the Facebook Camera screen, with additional options such as; the ability to use Facebook Live Audio, or to create a GIF.

History of Facebook Live

Facebook live streaming was firstly introduced in 2015. From the onset, it was mainly for public personalities and celebrities. Over the years, it later became available to regular Facebook users via the company’s iOS And Android apps. Earlier this year witnessed the debut of Facebook live to the desktop platform.

Generally, it’s safe to admit the live streaming was widely accepted and vastly used by everyone. Thus, prompted Facebook to include a Live Audio feature on podcasts – based on its rapid popularity growth, mainly created for publishers and authors, to aid their radio shows, poetry and culture presentation/shows like [@mswanawana's Culture Diaries, @johnobidi's Smart Money Camp], book readings and other audio-only broadcasts. 

Source: [TechCrunch]

Via: [Socialglims]

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Meet Spy Bot, a solar powered security surveillance camera!


Spy Bot is a wireless solar powered surveillance (Multipurpose) system. It has a remote transceiver that covers a distance of 7-8km radius. The device is integrated with an IP (PTZ) Camera with infrared light for light vision. This camera allows for remote viewing and control of the system as an #IOT enable smart security surveillance system.

The device is auto or manual controlled by the user. It has an interface that (can work on Android), serves as a monitoring platform to see the movement of the device. It can be use in the areas of medical expertise in remote areas, also serves as a military gadget to survey enemies against attack. 

The device was researched and developed by a team of Covenant University, (Ota, Ogun State) students and lecturers exhibited at the #ICTELExpo2017 last month.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Whatsapp surpasses Instagram, Snapchat and Twitters with numbers of users

Undoubtedly, we can all agree it's the best messaging app ever liveth!

According to the post on Whatsapp Instagram (@whatsapp) page; "One Billion people around the world now use WhatsApp every day to stay in touch with their family and friends! Thank you to all of our users!"

What do you think?

Ubi Franklin launches laundry service app

The laundry world is set to experience a unique twist as Ubi Franklin rolls out a brilliant mobile laundry app, Instantpickup app. Quite synonymous to Uber app for Laundry services. The app takes effects on the iOS app and Android platform.

The app going by its first-generation offers efficient, real-time and easy services by picking up customers dirty laundry, to quickly delivering the laundry with any of its partners' laundry outlet and lastly, delivering a neatly, cleaned laundry back to the customer.

How does it work?

Simply, users can;

1. Download and install Instantpickup app on their Android or iOS phone.
2. The customer then signs up and further search for nearby laundry outlets
3. Track your laundry and
4. Also, the ability to make quick and track their order(s).

A close look at the app features shows, discount offers, 24-hour efficient delivery service and instant notifications.

Instantpickup is ready to hit the ground running with 31 partner laundry outlets within Lagos and Abuja cities respectively. It's more of a cool way to deliver efficient laundry services in real-time to the users and ensure customer satisfaction as the sole of business.