Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ubi Franklin launches laundry service app

The laundry world is set to experience a unique twist as Ubi Franklin rolls out a brilliant mobile laundry app, Instantpickup app. Quite synonymous to Uber app for Laundry services. The app takes effective on the iOS app and Android platform.

The app going by its first-generation offers efficient, real-time and easy services by picking up customers dirty laundry, to quickly delivering the laundry with any of its partners laundry outlet and lastly, delivering a neatly, cleaned laundry back to the customer.

How does it work?

Simply, users can;

• download and install Instantpickup app on their Android or iOS phone.
• then, the customer sign up and further search for nearby laundry outlets
• track his/her laundry and
• also, the ability to make quick and track their order(s).

A close look at the app features shows, discount offers, 24-hour efficient delivery service and instant notifications.

Instantpickup is ready to hit the ground running with 31 partner laundry outlets within Lagos and Abuja cities respectively.

It's more of a cool way to deliver efficient laundry services in real-time to the users and ensure customer satisfaction as the sole of business.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Snapchat launches new features

Snapchat launches series of new features on Tuesday. Now, users can record multiple 10 second Snaps nonstop, including a new "Tint Brush" that simply allows you to pick color for specific objects or areas of your snaps. The recording Snaps feature is rolling out to iOS users, while Android users will soon be based on a rollout plan.

Nevertheless, the "Tint Brush" feature is launching on both iOS and Android platforms with immediate effect.

The effect of Multi-Snap recording feature is bound to be a huge experience for Snapchat users in diverse forms. Previously, users tend to try and guess the timing and repeatedly tap and hold to capture snap. Unlike now, you can easily hold down the record button to ensure you capture what you aim at. In addition, the ability to record and post up to six 10 second clips at a time, for a total of 60 seconds, plus the luxury of decoration embedded in Snapchat's built-in creative tools and filters.


Apple plans to give every hospital patient an iPad

Apple's consistent and drive in the health sector over the last year is a laudable initiative.

However, the company intends to empower more hospital patients with an iPad, already some hospitals in the U.S. such as Jacobs Medical Center at UC San Diego, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles have benefited from this program.

With the pace of this digital age, leading to diverse innovations, doctors have already upgraded their medical practice for a couple of years now, but the notion of allowing patients access to their personal information appears to be a fresh idea in the medical world. One of the hospital in the U.S. has taken the lead by manufacturing a EHR software My CS-Link which aids patients to gain access about their information online plus notes from their doctor.

In addition, the program equally helps the nursing staff. Nurses often are burdened with tons of patients, duplicated work which involves enlightening patients on personal care and ensuring to see if all necessary information are well understood.

Nevertheless, Apple says the program contains educational videos on the iPad, including a guide booklet to support patients to see all their information at once.


Image: [Socialglims]

Etisalat transits into 9mobile

It's official! Etisalat Nigeria is now 9mobile.

The telecommunication company made it know to the public via its Instagram handle; [@9mobile_ng].

"Here for you, here for 9ja" depicts its trademark. Bravo!!

Happy Mandela's Day

Today's Mandela day! An iconic personality who sees the gift of life as an opportunity to nurture, building peace and kindness to change the world for better.

#Madiba is certainly an inspiration across humanity! His legacy of peace and non violence I cherish and honour to the core.

In his words; "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." Indeed, it pays to do something positive, one act of kindness, one helpful hand could definitely go a long way in changing a life.

What does Nelson Mandela's legacy mean to you? Happy #MandelaDay

What is your strategy?

It pays to set up a strategy that will foster consistence and growth for your business or in any endeavors of your life. Thus, strategy implies a plan of actions designed to achieve a desired goal or solutions to a problem.
Many times it involves strategic planning and strategic thinking. So, what is your strategy? Kindly share it.

Joyeäux Anniversaire Emojis

We can't deny it, emojis are part of our lives. We use emojis on daily basis, so why not celebrate them? Welcome to #WorldEmojiDay! Basically, celebrated every July 17 based on the iOS Calendar Emoji.

However, the day is much bigger than just one emoji. So, what is your favorite emoji?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Meet Habeeb Hamza, Google's #MySuperG favorite for this week

Habeeb Hamza is the winner for this week #MySuperGOOGLE.

Google's Instagram page described his creative work as "This #MySuperG-O-O-G-L-E by @habeebhamza is on point."

Friday, May 5, 2017

WhatsApp now allows you to pin your favorite people

WhatsApp Inc has released a new feature on its beta update. This new feature simply allows you to pin mostly the people you chat with.

How does it work? It helps you differentiate your phone contact list into categories like more important friends, family members or active WhatsApp user. However, a user can only pin 3 people from their contact list. Hopefully, this new feature will gradually be enjoyed by every user and WhatsApp may increase the pinning from its default number.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Taylor Swift excites fans, breaks Instagram silence to Promote Haim's Single

Taylor Swift storms the social media platform after a two-month offline break courtesy of her friend.

The American singer took to Instagram to share Haim‘s new single “Want You Back.” She also took a screenshot of the song playing on her phone.

Fans of the muli-platinum entertainer got excited to see Taylor back online and flooded her comments with "She's alive!"

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Twitter partners with Bloomberg to stream video news

Twitter is set to stream original reporting from Bloomberg's news office across the globe including content news created by Twitter users that get reported by Bloomberg. Both companies agreed to a business deal last year and the channel is already broadcasting live programs plus coverage of the company's market trading to Twitter to signal the commencement of their partnership.

Source: [TechCrunch]

Read how the world reacts to WhatsApp Outage

Earlier today, the popular instant messaging app, Whatsapp was down for nearly two hours across the globe. 

Users of the service were unable to send and receive messages which prompt them to vent their opinions on twitter.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is aware of the outage and it was working to fix it.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Beware Apple as Microsoft unfolds Surface Laptop with "Windows 10 S"

Microsoft yesterday unfolds a new product - The new Surface Laptop and it's pretty amazing. The Surface Laptop definitely is set to give Apple's new MacBook a run for its money. 

The new notebook from Microsoft runs on a new operating system called, "Windows 10 S" ditching the Windows operating system and is especially focused on the education sector for students who are entering college and the company is optimistic its new product will attract schools globally. 

Let's explore the features of the Surface Laptop. The laptop boast of an elegant, creamy design as Microsoft thoroughly capitalize on some deficiencies people observed with the new Macbook to further improve on their latest product by skillfully using an alcantara fabric to design the keyboard while integrating speakers underneath the keyboard and has a 1.5mm travel keys with backlit. 

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