I recently attended a Coworking conference organized by Venia Business Hub in Lagos, Nigeria. The experience shared by amazing minds at the event was phenomenal. Most importantly, from the point of realizing that coworking is an interface for building and developing innovation that can serve as the needed desirable change on the face of the earth.

However, I believe these highlighted key excerpts from Iyinoluwa Aboyeji featured interview will inspire the way you shape your business and ideas going forward:

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8 inspiring things to learn from Mark Zuckerberg's Q & A session in Lagos

The 7th richest person in the world was in Lagos to hold a meeting with key tech entrepreneurs, leaders, in the Nigerian tech world to discuss how Facebook can be improved in Nigeria, and how it can support tech development in Africa. Below are eight inspiring things we learned during the questions and answers session with the billionaire:

1. "Move fast and break things"

Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.

No, he is not encouraging those with a penchant for breaking stuff in the anger to carry on doing so as if it is normal behavior. He is basically saying, challenge the norm; don’t acknowledge limitations or in Naija lingo, never stay in your lane. Forge new tracks for your own lane.

2. “The question I ask myself almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’”

Valid question. Are you dear reader, doing the most important thing you could be doing with your life, your abilities, your passions for yourself and society? Wait. Don’t answer just yet- think on these things.

3. “People don’t care about what you say; they care about what you build or do.”

Actions speak louder than words. You cannot keep mouthing off with any evidence to show for it. Take time to build; invest in the foundation of your building, your systems, your relationships. A house built upon the sand will crumble.

4. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.”

There is nothing else to add to this. Simple and concise.

5. “We don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services.”

Perspective. Perspective. Perspective. Think, why do you do what you do? Why are you in business? To make a profit, to solve problems, make a difference, what? Let your motive be right.

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Parabens Lekeleo, More years ahead!!
It's a beautiful creamy day! Birthday is a special moment a lot of folks look forward to. The thoughts, feelings and knowing it's your born day should give a warm gratitude for life. And when life presents such opportunities to you; it should be cherished and thankful regardless of the challenges, worries or expectations in sight.

I can't stop appreciating God for seeing me through another year with a joyous heart in my journey of #Greatness! I AM A YEAR YOUNGER TODAY!! #Parabens #Lekeleo #Alubarika

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All Hail This Space-Age 22m Bus, Travels Over Cars Has Finally Had Test Drive

This is innovation at its best! Bus queues may be a thing of the past in China. The radical Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) - which allows cars to pass underneath it has taken its first test drive. Yahoo reports.

The space-age 22-metre-long, eight metre-wide and five-metre high vehicle runs on fixed rails along a track on the road. Continue Reading...

Marissa Mayer: "I Worked 130 Hours A Week, Success Happens With Strategic Hard Work"

Found this exciting motivational interview on Bloomberg Businessweek. According to the article, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer who was Google’s 20th employee and its first female engineer, reiterates the key to success at the search giant was pure hard work. Specifically, the kind of hard work that required strategically planned trips to the core.Read her interview below for the Bloomberg Businessweek for its 2016 interview issue

What got you interested in technology?

I went to Stanford and started my pre-med classes. After my freshman year, I went back to Wausau [her hometown in Wisconsin], and I realized that I was learning all the same things that all my friends who went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison were learning. We were all memorizing the same flashcards and had the same carbon atoms and molecules. I’m doing something much more expensive, so how can I really get the most out of Stanford?

On my way back that fall, I started going through the course catalog, and that’s how I found a new major, symbolic systems, which combines philosophy, psychology, linguistics, and computer science. You look at how people learn, how people reason, and ask a computer to do the same things. It’s like studying the brain without the gore. Continue Reading...
Check Out This Cute Photo Of Pres. Obama With An Adorable Little Girl 
White House Photographer; Pete Souza shared this cute photo of President Obama and an adorable girl on Instagram having a 'discussion' about his real age. "55? Are you sure. My granddaddy told me you were 44." he captioned the photo.

ICT broadcast media icon and founder of the Transatlantic Media Company; Dr. Bayero Agabi, was one of the recipients of this year’s Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) Presidential Recognition Award. 

Bayero, alongside other Nigerians were honoured for their immense contributions to the growth of IT and Computer education in Nigeria at the NCS annual conference held in Abuja last week. 

Itpulse reports that the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) has gave reasons why it considered Dr. Bayero Agabi as a recipient of the award. 

Presenting the Recognition Award to Bayero, the umbrella body of all IT professionals in Nigeria said Dr. Bayero has distinguished himself by using the media tools to advocate for the growth and sustainability of the country’s ICT industry, which various statistics show is contributing close to 10 per cent to Nigeria’s GDP.

According to Prof. Adesola Aderounmu, President of NCS, Bayero, who was also honoured by the Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS) a few months ago, was primarily considered for the Presidential Award because of his consistent support for ICT growth in Nigeria and indeed Africa. Continue Reading...
Facebook Video Captures Aftermath Of Fatal Police Encounter In Minnesota
Philando Castile/Facebook
A 32-year-old Minnesota man has reportedly died, wednesday night after being shot by a police officer during an apparent traffic stop. The aftermath of the shooting was captured on Facebook Live.

Local CBS affiliate WCCO confirmed that the man shot by police was Philando Castile, according to his family. He died at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

St Anthony police confirmed that a man shot by one of their officers died at the hospital, but are yet to release his name.

Ms Reynolds described the sequence of events repeatedly throughout the video, during which she said the officer asked the driver for his license and registration. 
“He told him that it was in his wallet, but he had a pistol on him because he’s licensed to carry. The officer said don’t move. As he was putting his hands back up, the officer shot him in the arm four or five times,” she said.
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The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) accessories market located in Ikeja, Lagos is about the largest ICT accessory market in Africa.

Apart from information and technology accessories, the market also has computer engineers and technicians who specialized in the repair of faulty computers and mobile phones.

The market which opens on a daily basis except on Sundays and public holidays has enviable popularity that has attracted new investors and ICT dealers across Africa, which incidentally expanded the market size and population with profound effects on Lagos State economy.

The unique characteristic of this market is its compliance with Perfect competition setting where no trader or group of traders has the power to influence the price of products.
This singular factor has made products cheap and affordable in the market and attracted multitude of gadget lovers, especially mobile phone freaks who go there to explore the latest and innovative offerings and subsequently buying same.

However, recent investigations reveal that this is no longer the situation. Prices of products especially mobile phones are now going up in the market such that users are resorting to patronising the grey market and unauthorised dealers on the roadside markets than going to the computer market.

Vanguard Hi-Tech investigations, however, reveal that this present situation is neither because the setting of the market has changed nor that dealers or their groups are now influencing market prices.

Many factors have contributed in whittling down the power that made the market a toast of all phone lovers. These include unstable exchange rate, illegal levies, extortions, exorbitant and double taxation and high cost of cargo clearing and import duty. All of these are putting the dealers on the edge as they have no option than passing the costs to end users.

Some of the dealers who spoke to Hi-Tech but preferred that their names are not mentioned, lamented that they pay in excess of N15, 000 daily on taxes and levies, which are in many instances, duplicated.
One of them said: "Today, apart from forces of demand and supply that can always push up price of devices in the market, these factors are majorly why price of mobile phones like Lumia, BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, Tecno, Huawei, among others now go up".
Cost of clearing: 

"Why would anybody expect us to sell at affordable prices like before when we pay through our noses to clear the goods? Officially, it costs about N850 to clear one Kilogramme of phone. When we say one Kilogramme, we are just talking about three pieces of phone. But now, by the time we are through all huddles the customs set in the process of clearing, a dealer would have spent about N7,627 to clear one kilogramme of phone."

"A bag of phone usually will contain 40 to 50 pieces of mobile phones. There is no reason why cost of phones will not go up with what is playing out in the clearing process.

You can now imagine why even the Nokia 105 that used to sell for N2,900 now goes for about N6,500. The situation is getting terrible", he added. Continue Reading...

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was sentenced today to 6 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Critical British Journalist Piers Morgan took to Social Media to share his opinion and slam the sentence as inappropriate..

Secrets to Success: On How to Leverage the Internet to Increase Revenue, Visibility by Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor
Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, Google Country Manager in Nigeria.
We can agree that the internet is a powerful tool for every business across diverse humanity of endeavors.

Juliet Ehimuan prolific head of Google’s operations in Africa’s largest Internet community - Nigeria. A woman is leading the pack and she is obviously doing well - recently joined Fidelity SME Forum to share a few of her key lessons for maximizing your business on driving initiatives around Internet access to make the internet more available and affordable to the Nigerian user, facilitating local content development, and building capacity on how to leverage on the Internet for your business.

She recommends re-thinking your approach and strategy based on these three pillars: "Access, Relevance and Sustainability."

Understand you must be online
According to Juliet,
"It's a digital world and Information age, every #SME needs to be online and get digital presence."
By that, she's referring to business owners to take the bold step of embracing the scope of the Internet for its endless opportunities. Let people get access to you! Continue Reading...


Technology is really changing the way things work. This is the world where everything is becoming possible by the help of almighty technology. If you have been using Instagram on your computer laptop or desktop, you will notice that you can only be able view notifications, read wall post and see people who likes and follows you but you will not be able to post photo or video from your computer to Instagram using Instagram official website.

The good news is that there is a way forward; you can share videos and photos as much as you want from your computer to Instagram directly without having to use mobile application. I will be sharing with you here on techsmart.ng how you can actually upload photos and videos to Instagram from your computer. All you have to do is to draw your seat nearer and pay attention if you have been looking for this awesome guide or would love to use it.

Sharing Photos and Video from computer to Instagram

First, you must have created your own Instagram account. Instagram is one of the most popular trending social media now. You can meet all the friends you need there such as Nigerian celebrities and most other people that matters to you. I have compiled an easy way to create Instagram account with as many other features of Instagram that would interest you. Continue Reading...

Rolls-Royce has shown off a design for its car-of-the-future at an event in London.

The 103EX is marked out by its unusual wheels, which are designed to make it seem as if the vehicle is gliding on the air.

But one expert said market forces might prevent the idea coming to fruition. 

Too radical for your taste? In the words of Frank Zappa: "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible."
YorubaName is partnering with IFRA Nigeria to take the project on the road next month – first in Ibadan on July 1, 2016, then in Lagos on July 6, 2016. It’s going to be a huge meetup that’ll talk about the YorubaName journey so far, as well an opportunity for participants to directly contribute to the project.

The Ibadan event will also feature a special screening of Family Name, a 1998 documentary by Macky Alston, from 2 -4pm. It’s going to be organised by the University of Ibadan film club, and the venue is Drapers Hall, University of Ibadan. Continue Reading...
Father's day is a day of the year on which fathers are particularly honoured by their children. It was first observed in the state of Washington in 1910; in the US, South Africa, and Britain. It is usually celebrated globally on the third Sunday in June. 

Creamy nice illustration to celebrate Father's Day by Google Inc. The technology company shows a pair of brown adult shoes representing a Father as against a Child sneakers. Don't you just love it! Brilliant and adorable! 

Happy Father's day to all Fathers and potential 


Lenovo has just unveiled three new devices, the Phab2, Phab2 Plus and Phab2 Pro at the Lenovo Tech World 2016 on June 9.

The Lenovo Phab2 Pro, which is the first smartphone in the world to bring Tango - Google’s Project Tango that enables augmented reality (AR) solution to life. All you have to do is look through the Phab 2 Pro, and you'll see objects and information overlaid onto the real world.

You can measure objects with just your phone. Or visualize furniture like a new table or sofa to see how it looks in your home. Or simply play with your virtual pet. Wherever you go with the Phab 2 Pro, there's always more to explore. Continue Reading...

Nigeria Ace and Veteran musician Babatunde Jezreel Okungbowa aka OJB, 49, is dead.

OJB died on Tuesday morning after suffering from a relapse of a kidney that he has been battling with for years.

OJB was formally diagnosed with kidney failure in 2013, where he was flown to India for transplant, after public fund raising and was accompanied by his first wife Mabel Okungbowa.

He was survived by three wives and eight children, he is going to be 50 years next month.

Before now, I was thinking corruption issues could be best combated from the apex and from there down to the grassroots.

Now, I've realized my ignorance and I now make bold to assert that indeed corruption has engulfed the holistic ramifications of the base of our society.

In my new area, which I initially thought would be a haven, I've seen a lot and I feel compelled to share my experience in recent time with the hope that relevant stakeholders will come to the aid of my people. Before I proceed with my rhetoric, I want to ask if there's anything a government can do with the issue of moral decadence. Is government contributing to it in anyway? My area is outrightly polluted with “thuggery”, “whoredom”, “yahooism”, “teetotallerism” is taken to be incivility and you are heavily criticized for acting like pastors or Alfas. We actually celebrate the ready-to-spend guys but we don't care much about the source of their wealth. Politicians come around seldom and all our youths do is to get banners ready to welcome these august visitors they vote to the exalted seats. Our fun-loving ladies are used as instructions of libido improvement but we don't seem to see anything wrong with that. Girls within the age range of 12-15 are already classic "oloshos" (Runs girls). Continue Reading...

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