IPhone 8 will generate more sales than Samsung's Galaxy S8

IPhone 8 will generate more sales than Samsung's Galaxy S8
It’s obvious that the yet to be released Samsung Galaxy S8 is buzzing the internet with diverse thoughts, opinions and the phone will be exceptional according to tons of rumors. Despite that, Ming-Chi Kuo has forecast that it can’t be compared to the volume of sales recorded by iPhone 8. 

The Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo said from his investor note that "Samsung will experience lower sale numbers because consumers desires still linger in getting an iPhone 8 instead." Also, he cited the Samsung device won’t be fascinating with great features unlike the iPhone 8 which will be much more enhanced with better-quality features.

Furthermore, the leaks and rumors also suggest there will likely be some similarities between Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8. This will be in the aspect of design language, including tiny bezels and the absence of a physical home button. 

In addition to the similarity, we might find wireless charging technology on both devices, which we have seen in Samsung’s phones before but not in iPhones. According to Kuo, this will be an advantage for Apple.

The S8 device will probably be unveiled later this month, and the iPhone 8 in September. Hence, we need to wait a while before we can know if Ming-Chi Kuo is right or wrong.

Source: [9to5Mac]

Image Credit: [Android Central]

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