Thursday, July 20, 2017

Snapchat launches new features

Snapchat launches series of new features on Tuesday. Now, users can record multiple 10 second Snaps nonstop, including a new "Tint Brush" that simply allows you to pick color for specific objects or areas of your snaps. The recording Snaps feature is rolling out to iOS users, while Android users will soon be based on a rollout plan.

Nevertheless, the "Tint Brush" feature is launching on both iOS and Android platforms with immediate effect.

The effect of Multi-Snap recording feature is bound to be a huge experience for Snapchat users in diverse forms. Previously, users tend to try and guess the timing and repeatedly tap and hold to capture snap. Unlike now, you can easily hold down the record button to ensure you capture what you aim at. In addition, the ability to record and post up to six 10 second clips at a time, for a total of 60 seconds, plus the luxury of decoration embedded in Snapchat's built-in creative tools and filters.


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