Thursday, July 20, 2017

Apple plans to give every hospital patient an iPad

Apple's consistent and drive in the health sector over the last year is a laudable initiative.

However, the company intends to empower more hospital patients with an iPad, already some hospitals in the U.S. such as Jacobs Medical Center at UC San Diego, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles have benefited from this program.

With the pace of this digital age, leading to diverse innovations, doctors have already upgraded their medical practice for a couple of years now, but the notion of allowing patients access to their personal information appears to be a fresh idea in the medical world. One of the hospital in the U.S. has taken the lead by manufacturing a EHR software My CS-Link which aids patients to gain access about their information online plus notes from their doctor.

In addition, the program equally helps the nursing staff. Nurses often are burdened with tons of patients, duplicated work which involves enlightening patients on personal care and ensuring to see if all necessary information are well understood.

Nevertheless, Apple says the program contains educational videos on the iPad, including a guide booklet to support patients to see all their information at once.


Image: [Socialglims]

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