Saturday, May 14, 2016

Are You Ready To Secure A “.Blog” Domain Extensions This Year?

It's an exciting twist innovation of domain hosting about to hit the internet world. In a world were most people are not fully happy with the choice of their domain names due to lack of simplicity or availability of easy domain names. 

Well, if you have ever wondered having an opportunity to select a domain name that's all yours, WordPress says you can. 

Popular website hosting service yesterday happily announced its plans to start offering a brand new “.blog” top-level domain extension later this year to help you create a unique identity for your blog or website. Not just that, the Automattic owned company said that with a top-level domain like .blog, you can get a name that truly matches your identity, plus you’ll get all the same benefits with Google search results.

“Just like .com before it, .blog is clear and accessible, and it creates millions of fresh, new options for naming your blog. It’s the perfect place to build your home on the web,” said yesterday in an online statement.

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