Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tech innovations through partnerships

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr
A lot of tech enthusiasts these days are barely making headway in their quest for driving innovation into this fledging industry. This is because they are always trying to hide some of the projects they are working on from the prying eyes of fellow techies so as to prevent what is known as intellectual theft.

Although they may have a point, I dare say that successful innovations in the tech world are rarely achieved with the efforts of a single individual. Tech landmarks have always been the result of collaboration of efforts among tech enthusiasts, with individuals bringing their wealth of experience into such formidable partnerships. The synergy often gives rise to unprecedented breakthroughs in technological innovations. From Apple to Google, Microsoft, Asana, Mainone and Swift networks, it has been a story of partnerships or collaborations.

The need to write this piece arose when, a few days ago, I strolled into a cybercaf√© run by a long time friend of mine for a brief chat with him. There, I met two young guys who patronise the cybercaf√© embroiled in a serious altercation. By the time they were separated and asked what was amiss, we got to know that they were trying to develop separate Apps but had to use my friend’s cybercaf√© to take advantage of constant power supply.

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