Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nigeria: NCC - 49.6 Million Phone Lines Inactive in Third Quarter of 2014

A total of 49,641,091 phone lines in Nigeria were dormant at Q3 2014, latest telecoms market information released by the industry regulator has shown.

The relative dormancy of phone lines is one of the key highlights of the telecoms numbers showing the gap between the 184,148,420 connected lines and 134,507,329 active lines, the latter representing lines that actually generate revenue for Nigerian telecoms companies.

The NCC information also underscores the declining fortune of fixed telephony in the country as active fixed lines have dropped to just 190,791 by Q3 2013.

The September 2014 statistics reveals that 1.33 per cent active subscriber growth was when pitted against August 2014 statistics released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

While the total number of connected of lines by the end of September 2014 stood at 184,148,420, the number of active lines was 134,507,329, an indication that 49,641,091 lines representing 26.95 per cent of the overall connected lines in the country were dormant for the period under review.

The NCC information, according to Technology Times also underscored the declining fortune of fixed telephony in the country as active fixed lines had dropped to just 190,791 by Q3 2013.

Also, the mobile section of the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) had a total of 1,405,802 inactive lines, while the Fixed Wired/Wireless networks had 172,243 dormant lines.

From the 134,507,329 active telephone lines on the operators' networks as at September 2014, the GSM networks accounted for 131,910,228 active lines, according to the NCC market information.

Nigeria's telecoms industry teledensity climbed to 96.08 per cent in September 2014, compared to 95.20 per cent in August, this year.

Source: Allafrica

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