Saturday, October 13, 2018

How NimCure aims to empower patient detect and treat tuberculosis in real-time

The need to strongly eradicate tuberculosis in this part of the world due to loss of lives, about 4500 lives are lost on daily basis requires multiple approach solutions, by harmonizing science and technology to drug adherence treatment. 

On the flip side, patients adherence to drugs is worsened and the challenge leads to a lack of access to Direct Observed Therapy (DOT) treatment. 

With this development, CCHub and its partner; The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) launched NimCure - an interactive digital patient care tool that enables patient take control of their treatment and also aid caregivers to remotely monitor patients treatment and in real time.

Although, NimCure is still in its trial stage it has potentials to scale in the effect of tuberculosis and one of the major goals is to test a Remote Observe Therapy (ROT) tool for a duration of 6 months on 30 tuberculosis patients to ascertain the potency in adherence to treatment. 

CcHub believes in the vision of innovating new trends in science and technology in Nigeria and the birth of NimCure, a firm indication to achieve the implementation of ROT for tuberculosis treatment. 

Image: [CcHub]

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