Saturday, September 15, 2018

Apple Watch Series 4: an intelligent guardian for your health

This is the Apple Watch Series 4. The company’s latest smartwatch features a new edge-to-edge display that’s 30% larger than the previous model, improved cellular reception and a series of health features.

Apple COO Jeff Williams called the Apple Watch an “intelligent guardian for your health” and this year the company doubled down on the watch’s health functions. With a new gyroscope on board, the Watch can now detect if you’ve fallen, which will be particularly useful for the elderly. If the device senses you haven’t moved in a minute, it can automatically make a 911 call. 

In addition to traditional heart rate data, the Series 4 can take a full ECG reading in 30 seconds. This enables the Watch to constantly monitor your heart rate and notify you if you’re experiencing an irregular heart beat. ECG readings have never been included in a smartwatch until now and the feature gives you the ability to easily track your heart rate and share this information with your doctor. .

Pre-orders start September 14, at $399 for the aluminum version while the device will be available on Sept. 21 worldwide. 

>>Source: [TechCrunch]

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