Thursday, August 10, 2017

Photo uploads is the best way to get more attention on social media

It's quite surprising to see  photos still leads the pack as the most "sought after" social  media content for social media engagement. The result  shows the most shares on  Facebook.

Clearly, Instagram  and  Pinterest are the most  used platform for images - they're primarily driven by visuals. It's worthy to know, Instagram is regarded as the  most engaging of any social media sites. However, it's not a coincidence that both Instagram and Pinterest keeps deriving tons of traction and consistently see more success than other failed social networks. These two-image platform, simply made the concept of adding images to your social media platforms much easier.

More so, tools such as Canva and Landscape allow you to create perfectly-sized image that can easily fit for all your social media sites. Thereby, making  your worries a lot less! It also affords you the opportunity to create images for upcoming events [like Coloursandgrey's series of events], make more visual  outreach, make company photos and craft other images tasks for post to get more visual outreach.

Which other image tools do you know or use? Share your thoughts in the comment.

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