Monday, August 7, 2017

Facebook tests "live streaming" with Facebook Camera, set to launch soon.

Facebook is currently testing  series of new methods to improve users experience to go live on its social media platform. Recall, the “Live” button was always available at the Status Update Box. However, Facebook wants to modify it to a better position. Ordinarily, to “go live” simply implies start a live video broadcast.

Going forward, the live video button will be displayed within the Facebook Camera screen, with additional options such as; the ability to use Facebook Live Audio, or to create a GIF.

History of Facebook Live

Facebook live streaming was firstly introduced in 2015. From the onset, it was mainly for public personalities and celebrities. Over the years, it later became available to regular Facebook users via the company’s iOS And Android apps. Earlier this year witnessed the debut of Facebook live to the desktop platform.

Generally, it’s safe to admit the live streaming was widely accepted and vastly used by everyone. Thus, prompted Facebook to include a Live Audio feature on podcasts – based on its rapid popularity growth, mainly created for publishers and authors, to aid their radio shows, poetry and culture presentation/shows like [@mswanawana's Culture Diaries, @johnobidi's Smart Money Camp], book readings and other audio-only broadcasts. 

Source: [TechCrunch]

Via: [Socialglims]

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