Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ubi Franklin launches laundry service app

The laundry world is set to experience a unique twist as Ubi Franklin rolls out a brilliant mobile laundry app, Instantpickup app. Quite synonymous to Uber app for Laundry services. The app takes effects on the iOS app and Android platform.

The app going by its first-generation offers efficient, real-time and easy services by picking up customers dirty laundry, to quickly delivering the laundry with any of its partners' laundry outlet and lastly, delivering a neatly, cleaned laundry back to the customer.

How does it work?

Simply, users can;

1. Download and install Instantpickup app on their Android or iOS phone.
2. The customer then signs up and further search for nearby laundry outlets
3. Track your laundry and
4. Also, the ability to make quick and track their order(s).

A close look at the app features shows, discount offers, 24-hour efficient delivery service and instant notifications.

Instantpickup is ready to hit the ground running with 31 partner laundry outlets within Lagos and Abuja cities respectively. It's more of a cool way to deliver efficient laundry services in real-time to the users and ensure customer satisfaction as the sole of business.

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