Thursday, September 1, 2016

Actor Tyrese Gibson shared his thoughts about Mark Zuckerberg's free spirit visit to Africa

American R&B singer, actor and philanthropist Tyrese Gibson earlier today shared a photo of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with some Nigerians at Tech hub Andela in Yaba, Lagos and shared his thoughts on his Facebook page about Zuckerberg's visit to Nigeria in Africa. Read below;
"Some people think we're human beings having a spiritual experience it's the other way around - were spiritual beings having a human experience - Mark Zuckerberg randomly popped up in Africa and he's there jogging hanging out and connected with our people - he looks so happy and I'm sure they're doing a lot for his spirit and life - Sometimes you just have to run away to far places and find your balance........... I've seen a few pics and I just love this so much...... Mark I felt the same the people of Africa are just amazing people and souls"

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