Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Everyone Is Opportune To Purchase A HoloLens - Microsoft

If your interest level has been high from the onset in getting Microsoft's HoloLens but you are not a developer, you are in luck as it can now be yours if you have $3000 to purchase it if you live in US and Canada. It seems as though now Microsoft will give everyone the opportunity to own their augmented reality headset, because the developer trial has finished, at least for now. 

Again, anyone can buy the augmented reality headset if you have a Microsoft account, reside in the USA or Canada and you have $3,000 (£2,250) to spare. 

The company released an ad for the headset, to aid companies and business customers to try the hardware. It includes added security and features like device management and "kiosk mode", which lets companies limit users to not to go beyond the currently running apps handy for demos or showcases. 

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