Monday, June 13, 2016

The Memoir of One Part of Lagos

Before now, I was thinking corruption issues could be best combated from the apex and from there down to the grassroots.

Now, I've realized my ignorance and I now make bold to assert that indeed corruption has engulfed the holistic ramifications of the base of our society.

In my new area, which I initially thought would be a haven, I've seen a lot and I feel compelled to share my experience in recent time with the hope that relevant stakeholders will come to the aid of my people. Before I proceed with my rhetoric, I want to ask if there's anything a government can do with the issue of moral decadence. Is government contributing to it in anyway? My area is outrightly polluted with “thuggery”“whoredom”“yahooism”“teetotallerism” is taken to be incivility and you are heavily criticized for acting like pastors or Alfas. We actually celebrate the ready-to-spend guys but we don't care much about the source of their wealth. Politicians come around seldom and all our youths do is to get banners ready to welcome these august visitors they vote to the exalted seats. Our fun-loving ladies are used as instructions of libido improvement but we don't seem to see anything wrong with that. Girls within the age range of 12-15 are already classic "oloshos" (Runs girls).

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