Tuesday, March 3, 2015

BlackBerry Wants Startup Hustlers To Buy Its New Touchscreen Smartphone

BlackBerry has gone back to making touchscreen phones again after it unveiled the Leap, a device that the company believes will appeal to young people and startup founders, in particular.

The troubled Canadian firm returned to its roots when it launched a Qwerty device in December, but this time the keyboard is gone — the Leap looks like something that the company would have released a company of years ago — at least in terms of the aesthetics — and we all know how it fared then.

The basics: the Leap has a five-inch HD screen, with an eight-megapixel rear camera and 16GB of on-device storage. The company touted the phone’s battery life, which it claimed will last for a day. It also pushed BBM as a productivity tool, its Siri-like personal assistant and, of course, its security creds.

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