Monday, November 17, 2014

Photo of the Day: Is Chris Christie Too Fat to be U.S President?

Chris Christie is morbidly obese, an affliction that about 36% of our country suffers from, and Democrats will certainly use this issue to associate Christie with a picture of unhealthiness. But, in reality, Chris Christie is going to have to get a clean bill of health to assure the American people they can trust their country with his life, and this will not be easy to do in a country that has shown most recently it has a Democratic majority. In most elections, politicians have to defend their policies, personal character and past choices, and their makeup as a human being as far as morals, integrity, and other measures of a man. 

Recently, we have seen topics come into play in political elections that can be unsettling to most and borderline invasive. Personal lifestyle choices have come into play in recent years seemingly like never before, with Barack Obama's ethnicity, Mitt Romney's Mormon faith, and Dick Cheney's daughter's sexuality all coming into play in political arenas in recent years. 

But personal health would seem to fall into its own category-the election of a president comes with the stipulation that he is healthy, and if he is not we might as well just vote on the Vice President. We saw this when John McCain ran for election in 2008 and his age and potential cancer risks were discussed as cons against his nomination.

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