Saturday, November 29, 2014

California Woman Celebrates 110th Birthday

A California woman who turned 110 this week has good genes, a purposely low-stress lifestyle and a farm-fresh diet to thank for her long life, according to her 76-year-old daughter.

Sally Mitchell of Irvine, California, was feted with a birthday party Nov. 25 that featured singing, birthday cake and a city proclamation read by a city council member on behalf of the mayor of Irvine.

“She really kind of held court,” Mitchell’s only child, Suzanne Becker, said of her mother. “I was surprised that she had the staying power but she was right there with balloons and they did a lot of singing which was great because music has been a part of her life always.”

Even at the age of 110, Becker says, her mom takes no medications and has never suffered from any major health setbacks, like cancer.

“Her long-term memory is pretty darn good and her short-term memory needs to be prompted a lot but when she is prompted, she is right there with you,” Becker said. “One of the big problems is hearing impairment and that makes it far more difficult for her.”

Becker says her mother also voted in every election right up until the past three years or so and often debated with Becker and her husband over political issues.

“She used to question my husband and me about things political and local activities that we didn’t even know about,” Becker said.

“She still has the [news]paper in her lap when I visit,” she said. “I don’t think it’s the old cover-to-cover anymore but if she sees something of interest, she’ll read it.”

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