Google App now updates with an App launcher to other Web App

Google app prides itself as a great tool for searching for things on the internet, nonetheless Google Inc has innovated their app a notched step forward. Yesterday, Google Inc added a unique feature to their application called, “tapped shortcuts”.

This will enable you to find shortcuts over the Google Now cards. When you click the shortcuts, you’ll be re-directed to web apps that will permit you to flip a coin, translate and experience more options. This update will be available for both Android and iOS, however, Android users will get a huge variety of shortcuts. For instance, you will be opportune to play games like solitaire, convert currencies, roll a dice among others. 

In addition, the update allows users to easily find nearby restaurants with latest sports news at the tip of their finger.

It’s obvious that this new features will stand the test of time and serves as useful tools to users in various aspects such as reducing the time searching for web apps you crave to use. 

Source: [The Verge]

Image: [The Verge]

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