7 strategies I learned for growth in a connected world

7 strategies I learned for growth in a connected world
ICTEL EXPO is a professional trade show that focuses on the Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Telecommunications industry which started in 2015.

The 2017 ICTEL EXPO gives a 360-degree view of the West African ICT, giving top visibility to sweeping trends, innovations as well as providing an excellent networking opportunity for business decision makers, innovation manager, start-ups, ICT academics, investors, etc.

The 2017 ICTEL Expo is taking place in the city of Lagos, the commercial nerve center of West Africa. The event offers three days of inspiration, innovation, and information. The theme for the third edition is, “The Digital Economy: Strategies for Growth in a Connected World.” 

Here are 7 things I learned at the event.

1. Data as a National Critical Infrastructure

The issue about data is a big one. In the world today, the volume of data is increasingly enormous. The world is growing on a terabyte. Its’ one thing having your system operating, it’s another thing to make it function well. 
“Voice is becoming increasingly, all because of the way we use it as changed. It pays to have a highly reliable data source. The demand for data is the future.” – Mr. Ayotunde Coker, MD/CEO Rack Centre Limited.
Mr. Ayotunde Coker, MD/CEO Rack Centre Limited speaks on data as a national critical infrastructure
Mr. Ayotunde Coker, MD/CEO Rack Centre Limited
In the market place, we need more efficient investment for IT to become a frontal business. We need to double the size of our data system to achieve the designated sustainable development goals by 2020.

Mr. Ayotunde Coker on Cloud Infrastructure building: “We are building a local competency. You don’t have to go to Godaddy anymore.”

2. Impact of Data on the Economy

The impact of data on the economy varies in diverse forms. Every $10 spent on phone call has 10 folds on the GDP. This in turns enables smes, agricultural sector, including different types of companies or businesses across the nation. In addition, it helps to sustain the (road, telecom, technology, etc). 

3. Hp strategies on Data Infrastructure

Over the years, Hp has focused on improved cognitive solutions to cloud computing. In today, world almost all our solutions are cloud enabled, providing platforms, for a number of data solutions.”

In addition, “we have partnered with local companies like Rack Centres to foster the growth and efficiency of cloud computing” – Mr. Dipo Faulkner, Country General Manager, IBM West Africa. 

On the direction of a cloud strategy, Hp believes that you need to share and own - these are our special related keys.

Mr. Dipo Faulkner further reiterates that innovation centers are been built across West Africa – Kenya, Ghana, to serve as solution centers.
“Our road to market is not direct, it is through our business centres.” 
4. Security on Local Data Content

The issue of security on data content is of great importance. The need for government to rise and take responsibility on such sensitive aspect has a potential impact on a growing economy. 

“Sovereign legislature on data must go or based on world class standards.” “Your data can actually leave the shores of Nigeria.” – Mr. Ade Ewuosho, Head of Operations and Market Services, The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

5. Enhancing of real-time data

The ability to get things done in real-time is the direction the world is progressing towards. It’s of importance to note that, data should not be stored on Amazon, it should strictly reside in our country.

6. Establishing and engaging of Youth to benefit from Cloud Computing

The youth are arguably the major consumer of data across the globe. They make it thrive with their constant demand and use of data. Hence, the need to channel the development of data computing around them is of great benefits. With such investment, it helps to build and empower social amenities. 

7. Unveiling a Robotic Camera

I had the privilege of interacting and operating a surveillance cam! Meet Spy Bot - a surveillance camera researched and developed by a team of #CovenantUniversity, students and lecturers from Ota, Ogun State.

Spy Bot is a wireless solar powered surveillance (Multipurpose) system. It has a remote transceiver that covers a distance of 7-8km radius. The device is integrated with an IP (PTZ) Camera with infrared light for light vision. This camera allows for remote viewing and control of the system as an #IOT enable smart security surveillance system.

The device is auto or manual controlled by the user. It has an interface that (can work on Android), serves as a monitoring platform to see the movement of the device.

See more photos from the event.

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